Thursday, April 5, 2007

18,000 pairs, 600 boxes, 2 confused kittys

Wow. They are actually here. I'm glad I didn't order more this go 'round because we've almost filled up all our warehouse space. The boxes are tilting precariously in stacks 9 ft. tall, organized by color and size, and causing our mousers some serious anxiety. Suddenly their home of wide open spaces has turned into a miniature cardboard city, complete with skyscrapers and one-way streets, back-alleys and dead ends. I just hope they don't start a domino effect of catastrophic proportions or decide to personalize our pocketslippers with a signature scent...
I'd like to take this space to give thanks to all our helpers. You guys were awesome! We made it in just under 2 hours and I couldn't have done it without you. Obviously. Thanks a million. I owe you.
I guess its time to start shipping now, right? Oh, wait. Inventory. I'll let you know how that goes. Should be a blast.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tested and True...Finally

Who's got their happy on? We Do, We Do.

Well, everybody out there in blogland, this is my first foray into your domain. For mostly professional and sometimes recreational purposes, I will attempt to utilize this blog to keep everyone updated on the product development, market research, and community-minded efforts of Zinetic Inc.

I just spent the last nine days with 13 of my family members on a spring break ski trip to Breckenridge, Colorado. Good 'ol Breck Town is a place full of good memories, good shopping, good restaurants, and most important....good skiing and riding. And this year, we also had good snow. You just can't beat a white out at the top of Peak 7!

So, with all those good feelings floating around, it was the perfect time to test out our new product, Zinetic Pocket Slippers. Originally developed for use during lodge breaks, Z Pocket Slippers have morphed into a multi-season, multi-sport product with unlimited market potential. They are lightweight, comfortable slippers with a waterproof rubber sole that roll up into an included nylon pouch. The pouch can be carried in a pocket, backpack, carry-on suitcase, glove compartment, or gym bag for convenient foot comfort anywhere. The primary selling feature is the portablity of the pocket-sized slippers, but other key features include: Compact Size, Comfort, Sport Styling, Breatheable fabric, Good Traction on wet surfaces, multiple sport, travel, and lifestyle uses.

Sorry, had to spit that part out again for anyone out there who didn't already know what Zinetic Pocket Slippers are. But, pretty soon, we'll be as ubiquitous as Crocs (Psst, look it up, I won't tell.) and I won't ever have to explain again. Cross your fingers!

Back to my "working"vacation: We all crammed into one old motor-home with an average speed of 40 mph and set out from Indianapolis to Breckenridge, ultimately averaging 4 miles to the gallon. We also had a terribly-two year old cooped in the same automobile. Needless to say, the product wasn't the only thing being tested!

Once we got there, I handed out Zinetic t-shirts, Pocket Slippers, business cards, and brochures and briefed everyone on how to handle questions. I'm happy to report that the Pocket Slippers held up great and felt awesome during those lodge breaks, to and from the slopes, and on the shuttle home. Everyone on the trip was relieved and excited to have their "Boots Off" and their "Happy On." Feedback from other skiers was extremely positive and many asked where they could buy a pair. Next year, we will be able to direct them to a local Breck-Town Dealer.

We are really doing this thing! Now, let's just hope my higher education pays off. ;)