Thursday, April 5, 2007

18,000 pairs, 600 boxes, 2 confused kittys

Wow. They are actually here. I'm glad I didn't order more this go 'round because we've almost filled up all our warehouse space. The boxes are tilting precariously in stacks 9 ft. tall, organized by color and size, and causing our mousers some serious anxiety. Suddenly their home of wide open spaces has turned into a miniature cardboard city, complete with skyscrapers and one-way streets, back-alleys and dead ends. I just hope they don't start a domino effect of catastrophic proportions or decide to personalize our pocketslippers with a signature scent...
I'd like to take this space to give thanks to all our helpers. You guys were awesome! We made it in just under 2 hours and I couldn't have done it without you. Obviously. Thanks a million. I owe you.
I guess its time to start shipping now, right? Oh, wait. Inventory. I'll let you know how that goes. Should be a blast.


Eden Photography said...

Yea! I am excited about your progress. I want a pair. :)
(I know what I am getting my bro and sis-in-law for Christmas) Congrats and best wishes! Asher

Eden Photography said...

PS- Boone, NC NEEDS THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lawrence said...

Great Product!!

Now I need these for a friend who has been salivating over them since she saw them.

She carries her sneakers with her on our European ski trips..... Now her pack can be much less bulky.

I have PacMocs for the same reason, but they really don't "pack" too small, so I guess I will need a pair as well :)

Now, I need to get them before her birthday May 15th? Any chance I can mailorder them!

Good Luck, great product idea!!

Anonymous said...

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