Monday, August 18, 2008

Outdoor Retailer - Summer 08

When people ask how business is, my answer is always, "Its good. We are growing, we can pay the bills. I mean...I'm not a millionaire yet, but I like my job!" What more can I ask for?
Since Lola was such a hit in January, we decided to bring her again this summer. Only problem is, I was flying instead of driving. And I was coming all by myself... No problem, right? Well, it was a little more hassle than I imagined. But, of course, I figured it out. A little luck, a little help, a little batting of the eyelashes. Haha. And it didn't hurt that my dog is a heartbreaker!

Here's a pic of what our packaging looks like on a retail display.

Lola and I right after set-up. And below, you can see our booth. Clean and simple. But, easy for me to set up and tear down alone, which is important.
The Zinetic Booth! Complete with Mascot.

The show was great. I made some new friends, opened some new accounts, got some re-orders. That's a satisfying week of work in my book!
Then, its home on Wednesday and off to EORA in Greenville on Saturday at 6 am. Aaaahh...the life of the sales. :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Workin Hard for the Money

I need a new warehouse manager/shipping clerk! Mine just quit on me and went to dental school! Good luck, little bro. :)

Travel Goods Show - March, San Diego.

I know, I know. Its been forever. Cut me some slack, I've been busy and going through ALOT! But I thought I should post these pics from our first Travel Goods Show. It was good, met some really nice people. The vibe of that industry is definitely more traditional than I'm used to in the Outdoor Industry. I mean, for goodness sakes, look at my outfit. I was dressed like a teacher. :)But, I can't complain about San Diego.. love that place!