Saturday, August 18, 2007

Great Feedback!

Here are some fun photos that have been sent to us from Seth Anderson, who bought a pair on his way out of the show and headed straight to the mountains to try them out. Here’s what he wrote:

“We enjoyed the Pocket Slippers we bought. They were very comfy and convenient. The slippers were much more comfortable than I expected. We had very little extra room for this trip so the packability was nice too. We are looking forward to years of fun with the pocket slippers!”

Seth Anderson and Randi Marsh
Grand Junction, CO

Here’s another believer in our “Boots Off. Happy On.” philosophy:

“Hi Kim, We met at the O.R. show last week. I purchased a couple pair from you. I must say that I love them. I posted them on my blog: I thought you might want to know.”

Melo Jubilo

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Courtney Spear said...

Kim- How fun! What a great idea! Good luck to you! You look like a true model in those pics!! Last night was so neat!