Wednesday, September 5, 2007

EORA Greenville, SC

The Eastern Outdoor Reps Association show was located in Greenville, SC, a town that I had never visited until this show, but will be happy to visit again. In fact, I probably will!

These pictures are of our SE reps and myself and in our booth. Rob Robinson, Elliott Hardin, and Dan Williams are all wonderful reps and also great guys to hang with. They also represent Yakima, Timex, Camelbak, Eurosock, and a new footwear company called OboZ. A good group to be in.

Thanks for showing a Yankee girl a good time, guys! :)

Oh, by the way, in case my Dad or Wendall is reading this, the trip was beneficial from a business standpoint as well. It wasn't all just fun. We opened 10 or 12 new accounts at the show and gathered many good leads for future orders. I'm still following up now.

Lots of work to do, gotta go!

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Kristen said...

You folks need to revisit your sizing charts, and I've read similar comments on other folks' blogs who've worn your shoes. I just ordered a pair from OpsGear, women's 7-8 - I'm normally an 8.5. I'm swimming in them and fall out of them when walking. Bit of a pain to have to try again. I look forward to reviewing them on my kayaking-related blog when they finally fit.